About the Project

Simulation & Gaming Approaches to Sustainable Development

Project purpose

In an era where improvement of economic development and social welfare are strongly required while they need to satisfy environmental constraints such as that of climate change and global warming, it is difficult, however quite important to increase economic value, environmental value, and social value. The purpose of this research is to explore better ways to increase these three values at the same time, and to establish a methodology of changing our ways of thinking about sustainable development by new simulation & gaming approach.

Research subjects and methods

This research is aiming at developing a new gaming simulation method that is useful for creating an innovative business model that can simultaneously improve the three economic, environmental and social value and verifying its feasibility, and apply this method to society, and also developing better understanding of sustainable development and promote the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). This research includes the following. 
  1. Investigating business simulations and business games on the theme of SDGs, such as the results of the Research Center for Business Simulation (from the 1-3 term), and management simulation games at the MIT Sloan School, and capture them in the framework of the SDGs. In addition, their coverage of the SDGs will be specified, and the characteristics of each simulation will be reevaluated from the perspective of the SDGs. 
  2. Evaluating the methods through application of education and workshops, and lead to improvements for simulations that are considered to have a high degree of contribution to achieving the SDGs goals. 
  3. Establishing a methodology for embodying ideas that are likely to evolve, implementing them as simulations, and realize value sharing on the SDGs. For this purpose, to consider SDGs related problems as systems archetypes, associate real problems with systems archetypes, propose concrete methods for constructing simulation games based on them, and evaluate their usefulness. 
  4. Establishing business simulations to explore 21st-century innovation that aims to achieve the SDGs while improving the three values. For this purpose, to conduct a review of KAKENHI research which is the basis of the activities of the 3rd-term Center for Business Simulation and conducted a theoretical review to achieve the SDGs, then, develop research methodologies, methods and technologies using business simulation in the era of Cyber Physical System (CPS) and Society 5.0.